Lucky Leprechaun Craft

Up-cycle a chip can for St. Patrick's Day

Make a St. Patrick's Day craft with a Pringles can

Why throw away a perfectly good chip can when you can up-cycle it into a cute Leprechaun craft that your kids will love to make?!

Craft Supplies:

  • empty potato chip can
  • scissors
  • green construction paper
  • flesh toned construction paper
  • glue stick
  • glue dots
  • black craft foam
  • yarn
  • ruler
  • google eyes
  • black marker
  • pencil
  • foam shamrocks (optional)

Craft Instructions:

  1. Remove the lid from the chip can and set aside.
  2. Locate the flesh colored construction paper.
  3. Lay the can down on the paper and measure what you’ll need to cover the can.
  4. Mark, cut, and save scraps.
  5. Apply glue liberally to the surface of the can.
  6. Align the edges of the can with the edges of the paper, and begin to roll the paper around the can smoothing any bumps as you go.
  7. Once you reach the end of the paper, secure the edge with additional glue. Trim any excess paper that is hanging over the ends of the can.
    First step to make a leprechaun craft.   
  8. The next step is to add the green paper to the can. Measured up 6 inches to allow room to add a beard and face.
  9. Trim the paper to size and apply glue liberally to one side of the green paper.
  10. Hold the can so that the open end is at the bottom. Attach the green paper to the can glue side down. In order to have all the seams on one side, line up the edge of the green paper with the seam of the flesh colored paper. In addition the edge of the green paper will need to line up to the bottom of the can. Continue to roll the green paper around the can smoothing any bumps as you go.
    Leprechaun craft Step 4, measure green paper Leprechaun craft  step 5 apply glue to green paper Leprechaun craft- roll the green paper around the can
  11. Locate the can lid and the black craft foam. Trace around the lid with a pencil.
  12. Measure one inch out from the edge of the circle and trim away the excess foam to make your hat brim
    leprechaun craft step t - trace a black foam circle leprechaun craft step 8 - making the hat leprechaun craft step 9 - cut a black foam circle
  13. Measure and cut a 4×10 inch piece of craft foam for the top hat.
  14. Apply glue dots to the edge of the can lid (you may want to do one at a time).
  15. Line the edge of the lid to the edge of the craft foam and start rolling the lid along the edge of the black foam securing with the glue dots. Roll and glue until you reach the end of the foam. Overlap the edges and use a glue dot to secure it in place.
  16. Add several glue dots to the surface of the lid and secure it to the hat brim (circle foam piece).
  17. Add glue dots to the bottom of the top hat and secure it to the closed end of the can. Glue shamrocks or any other embellishments you like to the top of the hat for decoration.
    leprechaun craft step 10 - measure foam for hat. leprechaun craft step 11 - make stove pipe hat leprechaun craft step 12 - attach brim to hat
  18. Locate the flesh toned construction paper and cut out a 4 inch wide shape similar to the one above.
  19. Cut 4 inch strips of yarn and attach them to the shape with your glue stick to make the beard.
  20. Attach the beard to the leprechaun using either your glue stick or glue dots. Add eyes and draw a mouth. What a cute little leprechaun!
    Make a yarn beard for the leprechaun Mak a beard for the leprechaun Draw a face on the leprechaun

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. gak&hek'smom says:

    Cool idea. Our county fair has a “bank” making contest, and this is a fantastic idea for that. Just cut a coin slot in the lid.

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