Fall Leaf Painting Craft

leaf painting craft

There are many art projects to enjoy using fall leaves, but when leaves dry up…so does your craft. This project preserves the colors of fall well after the leaves have been raked and taken away. Read more


Beyond Pumpkin Carving

Make a creative jack-o-lantern.

After years of pumpkin carving with your kids, why not add a creative flair to this year’s custom. Check out these unique renditions of the beloved autumnal squash and let them inspire your family to carve a new tradition! Read more


Homemade Halloween

Halloween party crafts

Decorate for Halloween with these easy crafts you can make on the cheap! Read more


Funny Face Food Art


Whether you pack your kid’s school lunch, or they do it themselves, keeping a few craft supplies in the kitchen cupboard will make lunchtime fun. Read more


Making Comic Books

Kids and Comic Books

Here’s an idea to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Creating their own comic books encourages their story-telling skills and teaches them about character development. Read more


Perfect Playdough Recipe

Making playdough at home

There’s nothing little hands like more than a fresh batch of soft playdough and you can save a bundle by making your own with ingredients you likely have in your pantry. Read more


Car Games

Family Car Games

The average family spends more than an hour each day in the car. What can you do to make the most of it? Read more

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