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New Educational Badges


When you see this badge on a mini-game or activity, you’ll know that activity was developed in line with North American curriculum standards. Read more

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Raising a Creative Child

How to encourage creativity in your children.

Remember the promise of an empty box? The next time your child is faced with an empty box or a blank sheet of paper, give them time to dream and think. Read more


Dress Up to Play

Encourage imagination with dress up play

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up. Here are some ideas to make role playing and imaginative play a year-round activity for your kids! Read more


Raising Readers in a Digital Age

How to encourage kids to read

There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to read, and they don’t always involve books! Read more


Spin Me a Yarn

Family Word Games

Playing, listening, and connecting with your kids are valuable moments you don’t want to overlook. These easy family games are a great way to fit some time into your schedule. Read more


Homework Helpers

Helpful tips to help your children succeed with their homework

With the start of the school year, the nightly homework battles begin. Nothing is worse for a parent than to having to beg, plead and yes, even having to yell at their kids to get their homework done – especially after a long day at the office. Read more


Tips for Classroom Parents


So you’ve just agreed to help in your child’s classroom for the school year. Now you’re wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into?
Read more


Celebrate the 4th of July

Family activities to celebrate the 4th of July

When it comes to summer holidays, sometimes it’s the sweetest memories that linger the longest. Read more


Should Kids Have a Summer Reading List?

Should kids be forced to read over the summer?

School work? Once we walked out the school door in June, we didn’t give it another thought! Read more


Ban This!

Banning best friends and hugging in school.

Schools are banning everything from hugs to Facebook to best friends. Is it depriving our kids of the very real need to learn how to cope? Read more

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