Defining Friendship

Defining Friendship

In some ways we are so much more protective of our children now. I remember walking to kindergarten by myself, and at the age of four, playing alone with my best friend in the woods behind her house. Read more


Diversity Begins at Home


Children mimic the behavior they see in adults. The best way to raise kids who are unbiased and open-minded is to model that behavior. Read more

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Friendship Heart Mobile

A Green Heart Mobile

February is International Friendship Month and a time to celebrate love so while your still in the mood for heart crafts, why not help your child make their BFF an adorable heart mobile? Read more

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Puzzle Piece Friendship Necklace

Puzzle Friendship Necklace Craft

International Friendship Month is the perfect time for your child to tell their friends how much they mean to them. Read more


Read and Play: George and Martha


February is International Friendship Month, which means it’s the perfect time to read any of James Marshall’s wonderful “George and Martha” books to your children. Read more

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