Fall Leaf Painting Craft

leaf painting craft

There are many art projects to enjoy using fall leaves, but when leaves dry up…so does your craft. This project preserves the colors of fall well after the leaves have been raked and taken away. Read more


Fun and Unique Valentines to Make

Homemade valentine bracelet

Store bought Valentines are fine in a pinch, but when you really want to say “Be Mine!” , these unique homemade Valentines will do the trick and they are so much fun to make! Read more

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Christmas Puzzle Craft

Make a puzzle with a cereal box.

Don’t put that empty cereal box in the recycling just yet! This is the season for creativity and your child can use the cardboard to make a custom holiday puzzle! Read more

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Gifts Kids Can Make Themselves

Gifts Kids Can Make

Making gifts together is a wonderful way for you to spend quality time with your children and build happy holiday memories that both of you will cherish for years to come. Read more


DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

As we quickly approach the trick-or-treat season many of us are beginning to plan our Halloween costumes, and if this holiday is one of your favorites you likely take this task very seriously. Read more


Beyond Pumpkin Carving

Make a creative jack-o-lantern.

After years of pumpkin carving with your kids, why not add a creative flair to this year’s custom. Check out these unique renditions of the beloved autumnal squash and let them inspire your family to carve a new tradition! Read more


Homemade Halloween

Halloween party crafts

Decorate for Halloween with these easy crafts you can make on the cheap! Read more


Turkey Cupcakes

Make easy turkey cupcakes

What can you do with the bags and bags of candy corn from the 50% off post Halloween bin? Make turkey cupcakes of course! Read more


Confetti Cookie Cups Recipe

Confetti cookie cups recipe

Colorful sweet confetti makes this bite-sized dessert a celebration in a cup and perfect for birthday parties or baby showers. Read more