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Defining Friendship

Defining Friendship

In some ways we are so much more protective of our children now. I remember walking to kindergarten by myself, and at the age of four, playing alone with my best friend in the woods behind her house. Read more


Fall Leaf Painting Craft

leaf painting craft

There are many art projects to enjoy using fall leaves, but when leaves dry up…so does your craft. This project preserves the colors of fall well after the leaves have been raked and taken away. Read more


Breakfast on the Go

What to make for breakfast when you're busy? Banana Bread!

Now that the lazy days of summer are behind us and we’re back into school mode, the mad rush of mornings is upon us. Read more


Summer Skin Care for Moms and Kids

Tips for keeping your skin healthy

The warm weather is back (finally!) and we’re all looking forward to lazy summer weekends in the sun. Read more


10 Best Things About Being a Mom

Why it's so great to have kids

No matter how tired, frustrated or taken for granted we may feel, is there anything that can bring a smile to our face faster than hearing “I love you, mama”? Read more


What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

What to get Mom for Mother's day

Here are some suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts that don’t involve little hand prints or homemade presents or cards. They involve Mom getting some time to relax, with or without her family along. Read more


Three Easy Breakfast Recipes for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Recipe

Here are three simple recipes that kids can make for mom with just a little help from Dad. Read more


Not Too Proud To Play


I’ve taken a fair dose of harassment for playing Webkinz but I have six very convincing reasons why it’s okay for adults to play Webkinz… Read more


Family Christmas Games

Games to Play on Christmas

In a blink of Santa’s twinkling eye, Christmas day is over! Why not shake things up by playing a few games to get Grandma singing, Uncle Joe sucking marshmallows and everyone laughing! Read more


Sock Snowman Craft

Snowman Craft

Create Santa’s workshop at home with these easy and unique Christmas gifts your child can make with tips to help keep the holiday spirit in your family. Read more

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