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Raising Readers in a Digital Age

How to encourage kids to read

There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to read, and they don’t always involve books! Read more


Three Great Halloween Reads


We’ve got three excellent Halloween book recommendations and related activity ideas so you can make the most of this spooky season with your little ones! Read more


Spin Me a Yarn

Family Word Games

Playing, listening, and connecting with your kids are valuable moments you don’t want to overlook. These easy family games are a great way to fit some time into your schedule. Read more


Homework Helpers

Helpful tips to help your children succeed with their homework

With the start of the school year, the nightly homework battles begin. Nothing is worse for a parent than to having to beg, plead and yes, even having to yell at their kids to get their homework done – especially after a long day at the office. Read more


Cool Back to School Gadgets

Back to School gadgets and technology reviewsGanz Parent Club

The first day of school is always about seeing your friends, and comparing all of your back to school gear. This year, send your child back to school in style with these cool gadgets. Read more


Simple Toys Kids Love

How to make your own toys for your child

Look for the “toys” that made from your everyday household items! Read more

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Should Kids Have a Summer Reading List?

Should kids be forced to read over the summer?

School work? Once we walked out the school door in June, we didn’t give it another thought! Read more


Take Time to Rhyme!

How to teach your kids to read with rhyming

Fill in the blank: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great _____.” The word “fall” probably sprang to your mind quickly. For most adults, recalling a favorite nursery rhyme is as easy as, well, falling off a wall. Read more


10 Movies For Black History Month

Black History month movies for families

While there are many excellent fictional films capturing the joys and hardships of African American life, this list includes films that are based on actual events and/or individuals that helped shaped African American history. Read more


Getting Fancy with Nancy

Fancy Nancy Read And Play

Nancy decides that perhaps her less-than-fancy family needs a little bit of accessorizing. She teaches a short class on the basics of fanciness, and then gets them all decked out in their finery. Read more

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