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10 Best Things About Being a Mom

Why it's so great to have kids

No matter how tired, frustrated or taken for granted we may feel, is there anything that can bring a smile to our face faster than hearing “I love you, mama”? Read more


Parent’s Guide to Video Games and Ratings

shocked gamer

What parents should know about video game rating systems Read more


5 Things Every New Mother Should Know

Things every new Mom should know

When I was a brand new mom I’ll admit that I knew pretty much nothing. Read more


When Tragedy Hits: Helping Children Cope

How to help a child cope with tragedy

In the face of tragedy our hearts and minds go naturally to the victims and families. But as parents we also have to be aware of the impact such devastating events can have on our children. How can we help them process something that we ourselves can’t make sense of? Read more


Celebrating Hanukkah With Young Children

Child Celebrating Hanukkah

If you want young children, say 4 to 10, to have a basic understanding of the festival, it’s helpful to build celebrations around three core concepts. Read more

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Guest Post: Need a Parent to Kid Dictionary?


I used to be convinced that my kids just flat out didn’t listen to me. Read more

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Christmas Toy Donation Party

Toy Donation Party

Without becoming “Mommie Dearest”,how do you support your children’s excitement about Christmas while encouraging compassion and a giving spirit? Read more


The Day I Left My Cell Phone at Home

How to Leave Your Cell Phone At Home

The other day I did something completely radical. I left my cell phone at home. Read more


Reinforcing Children’s Manners During the Holidays

Teach your child holiday manners.

Here are some holiday ideas to get your kids interested in making sure that they remain on Santa’s “nice” list! Read more


Safe Travel with Food Allergies

Stock Photo

There are many things families can do to lessen the anxiety that is often associated with food allergies when leaving home. Read more

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