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Fall Leaf Painting Craft

leaf painting craft

There are many art projects to enjoy using fall leaves, but when leaves dry up…so does your craft. This project preserves the colors of fall well after the leaves have been raked and taken away. Read more


New Educational Badges


When you see this badge on a mini-game or activity, you’ll know that activity was developed in line with North American curriculum standards. Read more

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Make a Beaded Pen

Decorate a pen with beads.

Schoolwork can some time be a drudge, but it’s more fun when you’re studying in style! Decorate a pen or pencil using craft wire and beads. Read more


Apple Recipes Kids Love

Autumn Apple recipes kids can make

Baked, sliced, in a pie, covered in caramel, freshly picked, no matter how you enjoy your apples this is the peak season for everyone’s favorite fall fruit! Read more


Summer Memories Scrapbook

How to Make a Summer Scrapbook

Summer is the favorite season for lots of kids – and with no school, later bedtimes, and special family trips, it’s easy to see why. Read more


Gifts Teachers Love To Receive

What to give your child's teacher

I imagine that teachers’ cupboards must be overflowing with tchotchkes and as much as they appreciate the sentiment they’d probably welcome a change from the standard teacher gifts. Read more


Crafty Father’s Day Gifts

Father's day celebration in family

Dads can be tricky to shop for – whenever I ask my Dad what he would like, he either says his own island or batteries. These crafts are all easy to create and sure to make Dad smile this Father’s Day. Read more


Junk Mail Crafts

Stuff you can make with junk mail

Don’t throw out that junk mail – it’s time to get crafty! Read more


Why Garden with Your Kids?

Mother and daughter planting flowers together.

Gardening is all about digging in dirt, pouring water, and watching things appear – what kid wouldn’t be into that? Read more


DIY Spy Glasses

A fun craft for your James Bond in training

Is your little one full of imagination and a real James Bond in the making? Read more

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