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Dollars and Sense

How to start giving your child an allowance

Allowances can be a fantastic way to teach children about money. But at what age do you begin and how much should you give per week? Also what is your child doing to earn the cash? Read more


Eat a Rainbow

Kids can eat a rainbow for good health.

Fightin’ Phytos make great allies in the quest for good health, and healthy eating habits learned and practiced in childhood are likely to be continued throughout adulthood, but how can you get finicky kids to swallow all of this? Read more


“EXTRAcise Me”


An EXTRAcise can be anything that briefly gets you going, anytime and anyplace, throughout your day – simple (and sometimes seemingly silly) activities that are easy to work in whenever you have a minute or five. Read more


New Laws Take on Cyber Bullies

Cyber Bully

The headlines are terrifying. Across the country teenagers have committed suicide in alarming numbers because of the harassment they suffered from cyberbullies. Read more

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