Cool Back to School Gadgets

Six ways to gear up for back to school

Back to School gadgets and technology reviewsGanz Parent ClubThere was a time when a protracter, ruler and  a box of colored pencils were all that was needed to start the school year off with a bang. But now kids and their schools are getting more technology focused with calculators that require a class just to learn how to use them, distance learning with Skype, and some schools are going paperless by providing tablets for the students to use instead of textbooks.

These technology milestones have also brought with them some pretty fun and very cool gadgets and while they may not be necessary , they certainly are fabulous! Here are  a few of our favorite gadgets to send your child back to school in style!


If you send your child to school with the Star Wars R2D2 lunch bag ($12.99 – Toys R Us) you can be sure they’ll be first in line to pull out their lunch to show off this bag.

R2 D2 Lunch back gadget review GanzParentClub

The long ride or walk to school can be made that much sweeter with a pair of Urbanear headphones ($60.00 – Urbanears). These headphones come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can be sure your child will find a pair they love.

Urban Ears headphones back to school gadget review GanzParentClub

There is nothing worse than spending the whole day at school and not having your favourite electronic charged for your evening, or your bus ride home. The solar powered backback from Voltaic ($199.00) brings the power of the sun to your devices.

Solar Backpack gadget review GanzParentClub

Have a child going off to college? You’ll want to send them away with a Smartpen from Livescribe (Starting at $119.95). This pen records everything you write, and can also record lectures at the same time. It holds all of your notes within the pen, and just by tapping on your written notes it will bring up information from previous lectures!

Livescribe Pen gadget review GanzParentClub

The most used electronic device for students is a printer! It’s not only great for printing notes and school projects but it’s also great for photos to decorate your locker. The Epson Stylus NX430 ($99.95) is a small all-in-one printer. It allows you to not only print, but also copy and scan. The best part? It hooks up to your wireless connection for instant wireless printing.

Epson Printer gadget review GanzParentClub

The last item on our back to school gadget list is the Chatman ($69.99)! This interactive toy connects to your computer and works with your child to explore the web safely. Chatman also offers homework help with built in educational videos in a wide variety of subjects.

Chatman back to school helper

What is your favorite back to school shopping item? Let us know in the comments below!


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