Cool, Tech Savvy Parents

Are you a cool parent?

Let’s hear it for the cool parents. We’re not talking about the dads rockin’ skinny jeans or moms spelling cool with a “K”. We’re talking about parents who have Facebook, but DON’T post embarrassing baby pictures all over their kid’s wall. We mean parents who text — with the help of prepaid phones from T-Mobile – but don’t have My Little Pony key-chains on their phones. Are you a cool parent… or are you trying too hard? Check out this info-graphic to see.


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DJ Miller
DJ Miller is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He is an avid gadget geek who spends most his time writing on anything tech related. In his spare time he likes to travel, play soccer, and watch movies. You can follow him on twitter @MillerHeWrote

44 Responses to Cool, Tech Savvy Parents

  1. ImaPepper says:

    Hey, I think I know that guy, ha!

  2. DangerousBeans says:

    Okay, I’ll buy most of that but ponytails? Seriously?

  3. 4BubbaGump says:

    How are my little pony key-chains not cool? There is nothing wrong with a Brony or a Pegasister. And a ponytail? What’s wrong with that? Oh well :roll:

  4. daisy2 says:

    Ponytails? Uggs? That’s life, not trying to be cool.

  5. OceanBay1 says:


  6. MissyD says:

    So I Try Too Hard

  7. mrgower says:

    This article is biased and lame. And childrens’ “significant others”??? WHAAAT? Maybe Ganz is trying too hard. Don’t tell me what I am or am not.

    • daisy2 says:

      I totally agree with mrgower. How about your remove this Ganz?At first I thought it was silly and now it is annoying every time.

    • samsdad says:

      relax! it’s supposed to be funny. don’t take it so seriously :D

      • SamanthaFooFoo says:

        Wow… I wear uggs cause it snows here :) and when its not its still pretty darn cold. My children dont have significant others theyre too young. I have a prepaid phone (what else am I supposed to do) I have my hair in ponytails or a braid because it is so long. the necklace I sometimes wear was a handmade gift from my seven year old daughter for mother’s day. whats wrong with liking modern music…..? I cant even wear my daughters clothing, unless you count tutus we use for dress up (my boys play pirates with dad). Obviously I’m trying to hard to be a cool parent….. just putting that out there.

        • 7puppies says:

          I think that a few of these are fine, it’s just when it becomes obvious that parents are trying to be their teen’s best friend instead of their parent that it becomes a problem. There are lots of people that are your children’s friends, but your children ideally only have two parents. Mom and Dad. You don’t need to be their best friend, you are their parent. I think that’s the point Ganz is trying to get across here, but they did not communicate it very well. This article does seem to be ‘anti-parent’, if you just glance at it.

          • unicorn2910 says:

            I think parents should always be their kids best friends, unless you want kids to hate their parents.

  8. bekbork says:

    Looks like adults are not allowed to use hair product or wear ponytails? This is definitely trying too hard

  9. TTT says:

    This type of thing is a no win situation for parents, we get critizied for being cool, we get critizied for being fuddy-duddy, or old-fashioned. Guess I will just be myself and not worry about what my kids or their friends think of me, they will all be adults one day too!

  10. gottaloveganzgirl says:

    If anyone is gonna say LOL and BRB it would be mom, not dad. o_O