DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume IdeasAs we quickly approach the trick-or-treat season many of us are beginning to plan our Halloween costumes, and if this holiday is one of your favorites you likely take this task very seriously.

There’s also the added benefit of freeing your closet of decade-old styles, paisley blouses and unforgiving MC Hammer pants. In fact, we’re thinking those “Hammer-time” threads would be the perfect addition to an Arabian nights or Genie costume.

Whether you’re looking to be “the hit” at an upcoming costume party, or you’re searching for ideas for the kids either way designing and making your own costumes can be an incredibly fun project for the entire family.

Below we’ve listed a handful of resources that offer costume ideas, designs and step-by-step guides to spookify this year’s outfit.

Costume Idea Zone

This site if full of fun ideas that range from super sexy to creepy and spooky. Costumes are cleverly organized by categories such as ‘ideas for couples’, ‘ideas for groups’, ‘fictional characters’ and ‘quick and easy’. There’s also some great content to aid parents who are costume-designing on a budget.

While this site offers a variety of costumes sorted by category it does fail to provide visuals and printable patterns. Many of the costume ideas are simply explained in brief paragraphs.


YouTube is a fantastic resource for Do-it-yourself costumes because you’re able to watch, listen and see the finished product firsthand. Discover some interesting costumes by heading over to YouTube and utilizing the search box to scour some videos.

If you’re just looking for ideas, we recommend searching “DIY Halloween costumes” or “how to Halloween costumes”. If you’re hell-bent on transforming into a zombie this year, try limiting the search results by adding the costume type within the search “DIY zombie costumes”.

Videos are also great for learning Halloween make-up techniques and designs. Again, this is seriously easier to master by watching how it’s done.


TreeHugger, a site loved by hippy environmentally conscious folks offers a short list of costumes you’re able to make from common household items like cardboard and egg cartons. As TreeHugger explains cardboard can be used to create a myriad of different designs like crocodiles, cellphones, robots and even a 2 seat roller coaster car costume for couples.

Costume Patterns
Canadian Living has an assortment of downloadable patterns which can be used to create your Halloween costumes. The patterns can be easily placed over fabric to mimic the designs and comes with step-by-step instructions and measurements. This post is filled with cute costumes such as shooting stars, geishas and pirates.  If you’re looking for a specific pattern try searching the costume name with the word pattern “pirate costume pattern”.

The Bottom Line:

As if the “fun factor” of designing costumes wasn’t enough, the act of recycling unused throw-away items for costume props is pretty sweet. You might even teach the kids a thing or two about reducing and reusing – Win Win!

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17 Responses to DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. gomommu says:

    As if the “fun factor” of designing costumes wasn’t enough, the act of recycling unused throw-away items for costume props is pretty sweet. You might even teach the kids a thing or two about reducing and reusing

    • LosAngelesGirl's mom says:

      cool, that was kinda what our mom used to do when we were kids, she made us make our own costumes out of stuff around the house :)

  2. hek's&gak'smom says:

    We have never purchased entire Halloween costumes. In fact, the kids love making their costumes.

  3. crbookworm74 says:

    i like this post some good ideas

  4. anisha05 says:


  5. lillianri says:

    We used to make all of our children’s halloween costumes up until they stopped going out trick or treating. After that, it was the grandchildrens costumes. Enjoyed making them and seeing their smiling faces because they had a hand at making their own costumes.

  6. Beatlesfan says:

    I did that one time and it wasen’t the best. I was all of the Beatles at once! Nobody even cared about The Beatles but me in my school. I put on an old Beatles shirt, then I but on black pants, I put on fake John Lennon style glasses, Took my drum sticks, and lugged around a Beatles Rockband Bass. I couldn’t do anything for george though. I went Trick or treating with my friends and they were running really fast. The Bass was hitting everything and flopping everywhere in its path. So I want home. I only got about 20 pieces of candy. I use to get about 80.

  7. FarmerTyTy says:

    I like to use things from nature.Pumpkins,leaves ect for decorations.Plus it doesn’t cost a dime! #CTIE #Halloween

  8. wasworthwaiting says:

    Where’s Waldo…. glasses, striped sweater, hat. Super easy and cute!!!

  9. birdfolks says:

    I love the tree hugger idea and using things around the house that could be thrown away but you and the kids put immagination to make a great loving costume…#CTIE

  10. Brandy says:

    I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.