Embrace Your Geekness Day

Show off your inner geek on July 13th!

EYG is on July 13th, here is how you celebrate itJuly 13th is Embrace Your Geekness day around the world! EYG is a day to embrace your geekness, and show the world just how tech savvy you are.

It’s very easy to participate, you just have to make sure to tell the world about all the cool things that make you a geek. You can do this by sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (or any other social network). You can write a blog post, or even buy yourself an Embrace Your Geekness Day shirt!

In honour of EYG day, we’d like to share some super geeky gifts we’d LOVE to own:

While you may not be able to get yourself a Cylon toaster anymore (unless you’re willing to pay oodles on Ebay), NBC has released a Caprica Graystone Toaster which is equally as cool!

Williams Sonoma sells a ton of awesome Star Wars baking items. Our favourites are the cookie cutters AND pancake molds. You can purchase the heroes and villians set which includes Yoda and Darth Vader, or the Droids and Aliens set if you can’t get enough of R2-D2 and Chewbacca.

Think Geek offers a few different Interactive T-Shirts, and we’d love to add the Rock Guitar shirt to our collection. It comes in different sizes and colours for the whole family. They also make a Drum Kit shirt – looks like it’s become even easier to start your own rock band!

If you thought USB sticks were boring and bland, we’re happy to introduce you to Mimoco. They sell character themed USB sticks and are always releasing a new batch of characters. Just in time for the new Batman movie you can purchase The Dark Knight Rises USB stick, or if you’re in to something a little more girly you will love the Hello Kitty themed USB stick.

What will you be doing on July 13th to show the world your inner geek? Leave a comment below, or send us a picture on Facebook & Twitter!

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Cristina Graci
Cristina is a project manager by day, and a compulsive creator by night! Ever since she was a little girl she’s been in love with technology and web development. At age 12 she started creating her own websites and graphics. Cristina has been working full time in the interactive industry for 5 years now, and still has just as much passion as the day she started. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Technology Management while working as a full time Project Manager at a digital agency. In what little spare time she has left, you can find her painting her nails, building a website, or working on a DIY project.

3 Responses to Embrace Your Geekness Day

  1. allonsy says:

    Cool, although I thought it was May 25th? Oh well. To me, every day is embrace your geekiness day. :)

  2. momee4 says:

    Awesome! We are throwing a Mad Scientist party for my 10 year old today. I thought it was neat because it was on Friday the 13th. Even better that it is also Embrace Your Geekness Day! :)

  3. greenladymusician says:

    we own pyrex bowls from the 1950 ‘ s.we also own a mixer from the 1950 ‘s.i consider myself a geek.because i am on line a lot.i also have helped my husband to install a cpu in a computer.it was very very nerve racking.yet it was lots of fun.i have also taken a mother board out of a computer too.for all those who did not understand.what a cpu is.it is a central processing unit or the brains of your computer.a mother board has lots of things on it to help a computer run.thanks for listening to this computer geek…

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