How to Set Up iTunes for Your Kids: A Family-Friendly iTunes Account

Not all media is child-friendly

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The need for parents to understand the equipment their children use is pertinent in today’s diverse world of media proliferation.

The walkman of yesteryear didn’t have the ability to instantly load a multitude of media with the push of a button and required a trip to a brick and mortar store to purchase audio, making it much easier to control what our children consumed.

In today’s web enabled world these media devices can stream or download both video and audio for instant gratification, and not all media is child-friendly.

iTunes Setup

Step 1

The first step a parent needs to do with their child if they’re going to use an iPod or iPhone is collaborate with them in setting up an iTunes account. Apple’s iTunes has become the largest distributor of online music in the world and is a major gateway between what’s available and what your child will consume.

Step 2

After downloading the latest version it’s important for the parent to set it up as it has controls that enable or disable what they might have access to. Within the preferences, the first step would be in Parental Control.

Here you have the option to┬árestrict explicit content. This is a fantastic option and works well in keeping inappropriate music and video away. Other controls allow you to disable podcasts and radio as well as access to the Music Store entirely. Additionally, if a parent has their own iTunes collection on a household computer that they’d rather not give access to their child, it can be disabled as well.


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