Getting Kids Started with Audio and Video Production

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Video Editing KidsHow to get your kids started with audio and video production

The explosion of the digital age can be a mind numbing experience to those of us that grew up outside of it. Even though Windows exploded into the mainstream and brought personal computing into millions of households with Windows ’95, many people are still playing catch up to this day to understand all of the possibilities these devices can unleash.

Indisputably agreed is that in today’s culture more than a basic understanding will be required of our children to excel in the new environment. Many parents I know still remain unclear of what these machines can do, and admit that their own children have a much better understanding.

Good parenting however, requires guidance, and a simple understanding of what computers are capable of will help thoughtful parents encourage and lead their children in the right direction.

A large majority of people use their computers for a few simple things; web surfing, email, and perhaps gaming. Let’s take a look at some constructive things to do on personal computers that might lead your kids into an exciting future in the digital age.


imovie for iPad

iMovie for iPad

Video Production & Media Creation

This is by far one of the most exciting and fun fields being lead by the computer revolution. The ease at which computers have made creating stunning movies, or musical soundtracks has changed the entire landscape. Filmmakers and audio enthusiasts no longer require expensive equipment to cobble together excellently produced pieces.

Budding cinema enthusiasts can now shoot their very own works, easily and share them with a minimum of hassle. Just take a look at YouTube, which boasts that 24 hrs of video is being added every minute and you’ll see the revolution is well under way. Video cameras with fantastic quality have become ubiquitous and inexpensive, and in fact you may have one built in to your cell phone already. Parents and kids can begin shooting family outings, or perhaps an all out scripted film.

Editing your clips continues to become more user friendly as well. Additionally there are many tools to assist you, ranging from free in price to up to thousands of dollars. It’s recommended budding auteurs begin with the free editors and there are many to choose from. Here’s a fantastic list of 18 free video editing apps (for Windows) to get you started.

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  1. Diane says:

    Enjoyed this article, great list! Thanks Brodie

  2. Grandma says:

    Can you help? I have a special needs brother who wants to make video’s that he can watch on his portable dvd player. I (who is technologically challenged) have a laptop with windows 7. Is there a program to transfer videos from my laptop (or camera) , to a dvd that will work in older dvd players?