Interactive Children’s Books for the iPad: Tech Sense Video

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A video review of interactive children’s books for the iPad and iPhone

This is the first episode of the Tech Sense video podcast, which showcases 4 free interactive children’s books for the iPad and iPhone, and one must-have paid book for both adults and kids.  Check out the video to see some completely engaging, innovative iPad books that will help you survive long car rides with the kids.

Tech Sense Show Notes:

If you’re interested in trying one of the interactive books you watched in the video, click on the links below.

Toy Story Read Along - (free) – iPad Book

Zoo You Later – Monkey Business - (free) – iPad Book

StoryKit (free) – iPhone Book (works on iPad).

A Story Before Bed (free) – iPad Book

The Unwanted Guest – ($6.99 for iPad) ($4.99 for iPhone)

Do you know of an interactive book you’d like to share? Please post the name in the comments.

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