Spring Cleaning with help from your iPhone!

iPhone applications make spring cleaning more enjoyable

Iphone apps for spring cleaning

We searched the web for the best iPhone applications to get you in the mood for cleaning. Download these apps for tons of tips, inspiration and organization!

Good Housekeeping @HomeFREE!

Now you can take your favourite magazine with you on the go! The Good Housekeeping @Home app gives you all of the great advice you love from the magazine. The app includes a “Stain Buster” which is an A-Z guide on how to remove smudges. It also gives you no fail cleaning advice for every surface.

Home Chores - .99 cents

Home Chores is a handy list maker for all of your household routines. You can quickly add/delete items from your list, email your lists, or even make a list of chores for someone else to do (my favourite feature!). The app even comes with a built-in list of chores to help you get a head start on your Spring Cleaning.

Chore Bank – $1.99

This is the perfect app to help you get your kids excited about cleaning. Chore Bank let’s you create a “virtual” bank account for each of your children. You set up a chore list, and assign each chore a monetary value. Once the chore is complete, the value of the chore is added to your child’s account.

House-Keeper – .99 cents

House-Keeper is a reminder app that lets you know when you should inspect those forgotten household items. When was the last time you changed or toothbrush? How about the baking soda in your refrigerator? Now you’ll always be reminded before your fridge starts smelling!

Housekeeping from Howcast – .99 cents
This Housekeeping app from Howcast gives you more than 170 videos featuring home cleaning tips. It covers all areas of your home including bedrooms, living rooms and even laundry & stain removal. The app includes a great search functionality to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Organized Home: How to Live Clutter-Free – $4.99

Organized Home: How to Live Clutter-Free is an interactive book with 8 instructional videos and chapters on how to pruge old clutter to better organize yourself in your home. It not only tells you how to organize your closet, but gives you reasons why!

101 Baking Soda Tips - .99 cents

If you thought Baking Soda was just a product taking up room in your fridge, you’re wrong! Did you know that brushing your teeth with Baking Soda makes them whiter? Find great tips like this and more in this app!

101 Vinegar Tips – .99 cents

Similar to 101 Baking Soda Tips, this application gives you 101 uses for Vinegar. We know how great vinegar makes your salad taste, but it’s also a great way to remove stains.

Have you tried any of these applications? Do they help or hinder your spring cleaning process?

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