The Ultimate Holiday Shopping iPhone App

For people who take on death-defying missions to concrete jungles, through mayhem, crowds and disorderly never-ending lines, fear not as we’ve found you the ultimate companion for your holiday shopping missions.

Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic but anyone who has shopped on December 23rd or black Friday while managing a busy household can relate. It’s time to get organized, which is the key to any strenuous holiday shopping challenge. Creativity and the ability to find the perfect gift is wonderful, but if you’re not organized you could very possibly lose your marbles.

Enter No More Socks.

Believe me, there are a thousand-and-one mobile shopping apps out there, and I’ve personally waded through a hefty number before coming across the cure for my holiday gift shopping freak-outs. No More Socks enables shoppers to organize, plan and budget gifts during this stressful time of year.

The user interface is gorgeous and cleverly sorts relevant information by events, ideas, people and retailers. Think of this app as an all-in-one solution for managing gift ideas and purchases, which aims to help users make informed purchasing decisions by calculating budgets and through its easy-to-read list of gifts from past birthdays and occasions.

Similar to your native contact list, this application stores your friends, family members and co-workers in lists coupled with direct links to past gifts you’ve purchased for them, as well as ideas for future gifts. New contacts can be added within No More Socks, or pulled from your current contact list.

Let’s say you spot the perfect Tiffany Lamp for Mom. Simply fire up No More Socks and select the ‘Idea Pad’ option from the app’s main menu. Then, give the gift a name, input the location of the retailer and budget, and take a snapshot of the product with your iPhone’s camera.

By adding your fantastic gift ideas to the app, you’ll later have the ability to quickly add the gift to any one of your contacts, which will sort it within their contact info. Each contact can additionally be added to a group and event. This is especially helpful when shopping for multiple people, because your contacts can all be added to different events (Christmas, Birthday, Easter) simultaneously. Within each event users can set a budget, and as gift ideas or purchases are added, No More Socks will keep a running total of the cost.

Another feature I liked was its ‘Shopping List’ option, a detail that sorts gift ideas and past purchases by retailer, bringing users separate ultra-organized lists for each store.

The Bottom Line

No More Socks is ideal for any event, and it’s a must-have tool for documenting gifts ideas, and past and future purchases. The app is available in Apple’s app store for $1.99.



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