Valentine’s Day Ideas on Pinterest!

Organizing Your Valentine's Day Ideas on Pinterest

Just so you know, Pinterest is the new black right now. This new-ish social network encourages users to tell a story through images that are pinned on digital, shareable, collaborative boards.

You can think of Pinterest like having a variety of pin boards on a wall, all with different themes or topics, all sporting vibrant photography. This should help you get the picture, but it’s not apt — Pinterest is about sharing.

Valentine's Day Ideas on Pinterest

Sharing a recipe, craft or article is done, in technical terms, by “Pinning” an image to one of your boards (“pin boards”), which explains the story, post or content. Many users have customized their Pinterest profiles to describe their personalities, interests and favorite topics, and most of the 3.3 million reported users driving the content are women.

Creating themed boards and pinning your amazing online finds is a lot of fun, but it’s also a seriously great search tool.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pinterest!

After searching “Valentine’s Day”, an assortment of pink candy-topped cupcakes, heart-shaped wreaths, and clever V-Day crafts immediately populated the page. We found things we wouldn’t have even thought of searching, like adorable do-it-yourself Valentine holders made from cereal boxes, and Valentine’s Day cards bursting with M&Ms.

The visuals were delightful.

Valentine's Day Ideas on Pinterest

Sure, one could search for Valentine’s Day ideas using their favorite search engine, but it’s not as pretty as Pinterest. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being social with other users while rifling through the results aka super beautiful photography. Also, instead of bouncing from site to site using Google for example, you can quickly refer back to the visual presentation of your search.

We were so inspired we began pinning V-Day crafts, cakes and cards at the speed of light, then we had no choice but to create our own Pinterest board specifically dedicated to awesome Valentine’s Day Ideas. Of course, before you head over to our board check out our Valentine’s Day articles on Ganz Parent Club.

Another great reason to use Pinterest is for saving bookmarks.  If you’re like us, you have a slew of saved sites in your browser’s bookmarks folder that you’re “getting to soon“, and unless you’re highly organized, the pages are all going into one bottomless pit. By saving a board called something like “Valentine’s Day bookmarks”, you’ll have a beautiful visual snapshot of your saves. Just keep in mind it’s viewable by the Pinterest network.

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At this time, if you’re new to Pinterest, you’ll need to request an invite from the site, or from another Pinterest user.

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