Not Too Proud To Play

Six reasons why I love to play Webkinz too

 It all started with Peanut the Elephant and Orange the Cat. They entered our house just like any plush toy.  The kids (3 and 5 year old nephews) and I sat together to begin the Webkinz registration process… pet’s name, user name, password etc.

Then the fun began.

Rooms were created, pets were fed and clothed and I left the kids to play the games in the afternoon during their allotted computer time.

A while later I began watching over their shoulders while they played, realizing I could help them earn points if I played a little too. Fast-forward eighteen months and meet Pablo the Chinchilla. He is my very own Webkinz plush toy. A birthday gift  from the boys and purchased with money they’d earned themselves. You should have seen their faces when I opened it!

I’ve been served a fair dose of harassment from my sister for playing the Webkinz games,
 which is understandable, my kids are grown and I play even when the boys are not visiting.

I replied with a pretty convincing case for adults who play Webkinz games and it must have worked, because she’s playing a little as well.


Why I Play WebKinz and Other Grown-Ups Can Too

  1.  Sharing a common interest with the kids in your life improves communication..
  2. Because I’m involved I can encourage them to earn eStore points and virtual pets for good deeds like chores, homework and acts of kindness.
  3. I can watch over their online behavior.
  4. The non-violent , easy to play games are fun at the end of the day. I’m terrible at the complicated grown up video games…they stress me out!
  5. Decorating a virtual room is much cheaper than redecorating my living room.
  6. It’s fun and I get a huge hug from two boys I love very,very much!
 I think I’d get the hug anyway, but you never know.

About The Author

Kit Bennett
Kit Bennett is a celebration and play expert who believes that sprinkles, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes make the world a brighter place. She’s the founder of and KidsParties 1-2-3 where she makes planning a party for kids as easy as 1,2,3! Her inspiration comes from her four children, two granddaughters and several nieces and nephews whom she loves BIG, BIG, BIG!

35 Responses to Not Too Proud To Play

  1. AJ says:

    We first got our little spaniel from my daughters friend in ’07 and have been playing ever since. While my husband doesn’t quite get the obsession- my kids and I play together and separately (as I know my kids are safe on this site and can leave the room if I need to too)!! I have incorporated things such as the daily activities, Kinzcash, the Arte Fact Shop, Employment Center, and Arcade into centers when we started to home school last year- We made JZ money(kinzcash), and the kids can buy Webkinz or supplies at our Arte Fact Shop, they do legos, lincoln logs at the Employment Center, board, card and Wii games at the Arcade and even a reading area we turned it into a getaway spot called Hideaway Cove so they can take a vacation and relax with a good book? They rotate centers everyday and even can mine for gems to earn wish tokens also!! My kids have daily activities which is their chore chart and earn their kinz cash this way which they then spend on their Rent, Food, Electric Etc which they pay to us each month along with putting some into savings and learning about tithing also! Now learning and teaching responsibility has become exciting thanks to Webkinz for giving us the idea to add all these fun touches to how we homeschool!! They love their plush toys also and we are going to began making a Webkinz Home for them in the near future as an art project….:) We love Webkinz for all the creativity they bring and what it inspires in all of us!!!

    • Ganz Parent Club Help says:

      I love that you incorporated Webkinz into your home school curriculum in such a creative way. Thanks for sharing! ~Kit

  2. prittynpink010 says:

    I first started playing webkinz in 2007. Because my whole family had it all little cousins an my little (adopted ) aunts and uncles and my grandma had one I still love my webkinz to this day also Its was great. wWhen I worked at an after school care because all my kids could send me things and I could interact with them! Also I love webkinz I will never grow out of it :)

  3. nhillier says:

    My husband and I both have Webkinz, and even though our daughter has stopped playing we are hooked. It is our way of relaxing after a long days work. I don’t see anything wrong with it, even my parents joined in on the fun. It is harmless and I even brought Webkinz into my classroom. My students love that I know all about it and it gives us a common ground to have conversations.

  4. sciencesplat says:

    we as a family love it too – we get to win prizes for each other and our kids…what a positive way to spend recreation when its hot outside.

  5. hooping says:

    I’m an adult who loves to let her inner child come out and play! The games are fun, decorating sends me into a real zen state of relaxation, and I love collecting little things!

  6. FYREHOUSE says:

    I’ve been saying for years now that Webkinz needs to think about the adult market. Particularly the physically dissabled like myself. I got involved for my son (now he thinks he is too old) but it is perfect for those like me. The pets needs us, they are always so happy we show up, we are always doing things right for them, the positive atmosphere is good for children and adults.

  7. Person says:

    Both me and my soon-to-be mother in law play on Webkinz and I’m proud of it!

  8. kewaldo says:

    I can really identify with this article. A plush beagle puppy was the first Webkinz that came into our home. My son is autistic, so the little beagle was just for loving, but a new world opened up for him when we went through the adoption process online. “Buster” became more than a snuggle partner at bedtime, he was now a way for us to play with our son. My husband and I actually purchased 2 lil’kinz so we could play online with him. Dogbeards BathTub Battle is our favorite. Webkinz has given our family a way to play together. It may seem unconventional, but when you have a child that cannot sit and play loud games or does not like to be touched…Webkinz was and is a special way to connect with our son.

    • Ganz Parent Club Help says:

      Thank you for sharing! It is wonderful to know that Webkinz can provide a connection with your son. And kudos to you for finding creative solutions!

  9. mamacocoa says:

    It is quite the family affair at our house, too! My niece introduced us to Webkinz, then I got hooked through my kids, then I got my sister and her kids hooked, then Grandma joined the action. It is fun to have something in common that we all love. I can identify with all of the reasons to play. Another reason is – when I decorate a room and put everything where I want it – it stays there!!! No one comes in and messes it up.

  10. pets4pam says:

    My 21 year old daughter gave me my first pet. We both have many pets and play regularly. Child-like or not, I still think it is fun and much more interesting than your standard mindless adult computer games. Decorating rooms is the best!